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University of Oklahoma - Health Sciences Center


Welcome to your AcademicBlue℠ Student Health Plan brought to you by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma!

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The University of Oklahoma Regent’s Policy requires students enrolled in Health Sciences Center programs to have health insurance prior to the start of their academic program and coverage must be maintained as long as the student is enrolled at HSC.

At the beginning of each academic year, and periodically thereafter, students will be asked to show proof of health insurance coverage. A student who is found to be uninsured will receive notification from HSC Student Affairs and their academic dean’s office. Students will have ten business days to provide proof of coverage after request for such is made. If not compliant within ten days, students may, at the discretion of their college, be suspended from classes and/or rotations until proof of coverage is provided. In such event, the student may miss academic or clinical work, classes, or rotations, which may prevent the student from successfully completing a particular class, rotation, academic requirement, or semester. For questions regarding the Regent’s Policy, please call HSC Student Affairs at (405) 271-2416.